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For Immediate Release
Monday, October 17, 2011

Ron Giordan, State Treasurer’s Office, 608-266-5757

Social Media Tracking Down Property Owners

State Treasurer Kurt Schuller used his own Facebook page as well as his Twitter account over the past few months to track down a woman in Boyd that has nearly $225,000 sitting at the Wisconsin State Treasury.


The search actually began in July at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair. Treasurer Schuller was helping people search for their money in Chippewa Falls. Someone searching found their friend and when the Treasurer learned it was such a large amount of money he began trying to track that person down. With no current phone number and information, the Treasurer posted a status update on his Facebook account and Tweeted that he needed help finding this person.


“A few hours later, someone who follows me on Facebook sent me a private message saying he knew the Unclaimed Property owner’s daughter,” Treasurer Schuller said. “He linked us up on Facebook and after several emails and a few phone calls, claim forms were sent out to the current address and she is in the process of claiming her cash.”


Treasurer Schuller will be returning to the Chippewa Falls area later this week to help even more people find their missing money. Below is his schedule.


You can follow State Treasurer Schuller at and


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